stereo shabda

photo by kamal mode

Stereoshabda is a stereo sound. Or, to be precise, a stereo message. The project was conceived as ... I have never thought how this project should look like, it just appeared. Well, let the joy be for all living beings!





travello guitar

My first travel guitar

This was the time when I needed a guitar to travel. It is not always possible to carry a regular guitar into the aircraft cabin - sometimes airlines demand to pay for an extra seat. So I decided to make a guitar that could be folded into a backpack. The material for the new guitar is an old acoustic bass from China - a mahogany neck. A friend gave me two boards from India, these are Teak and Mahogani trees, from which I made a body. I also ordered the pickups from China, these are the most budgetary ones - $ 1 and $ 3. The bridge was made of duralumin. Finishing coat - oil with OSMO hard wax. The guitar sounds good. At that time I did not understand ergonomics, so the body of the guitar turned out to be small and completely uncomfortable, and I decided to remake this guitar. At the same time, lower the strings as low as possible, and for this you need to increase the fretboard radius. This will happen later because I intend to significantly improve the body and ergonomics of this guitar.

December 2014 - August 2015

shivos guitar

last travel guitar

After I made my travello, I was not happy. This guitar is very good because there is nothing superfluous about it. But along with the excess, I removed all the conveniences, and I could play this guitar only when it hangs on a guitar strap. And then I decided to find out all the information about modern ergonomic guitars in the world. Almost immediately I found Ola Strandberg - a man who makes cutting edge headless guitars. Compared to the all ergonomic staff, his guitars stand out in design and simplicity. In addition, he posted all the drawings on his website (now they are not there), and it would be a mistake not to take advantage of this situation. And I made a copy of the Boden OS, except for the shape of the neck and tailpiece on the headstock - this is where I simplified things a lot. So now I have the best guitar in the world! But as I told Ola in our correspondence, I made it for myself, not for sale. It was important for me to play such a guitar to understand what I was missing in my travello. And I will continue to perfect my guitar!

September 2018 - June 2020

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